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O u r W i n e r y

Maria Rosa Wine Estate is a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, located right in the heart of Malta, just off the bustling commercial district of Mriehel. Despite its central location, Maria Rosa is a charming and intimate boutique winery that offers a peaceful and tranquil escape from the busy city life.

The setting of this  family-owned winery is truly idyllic, with the rolling hills and lush greenery creating a tranquil backdrop. The panoramic views of Wied is-Sewda add to the enchantment, offering a sense of peace and serenity. It is the perfect place to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature while savouring a glass of their signature wines.

The estate is known for its dedication to producing high-quality wines, crafted with love and care. The family’s expertise and commitment to the art of winemaking are evident in every bottle. They take great pride in nurturing their vineyards, ensuring that only the finest grapes are used in the production process.

Sirakużan Red

Our forefathers didn’t simply drink wine… Although they surely knew how to. The admired each process of its making, starting with the gentle curation of the land to the fruit it grew, and ensuing harvest from which the purest of wines is produced.

This appreciation serves as the foundation of our estate and the wines are conceived here, like our red Sirakużan. Upon opening warm noted of chocolate and vanilla blended with hints of ripe fruit and jams fill the air. The balance between acidity and soft tannins then make for a dry and clean wine.

Sirakużan White

Since the first vine ever planted to the most recent bottle Maria Rosa Wine Estate has respected the true, raw processes of wine making. It is the land that dictates the supply, and each bottle is authentic to the grapes that are grown here.

Our White Sirakużan embodies the purity of our grapes. Harvested at the brink of dawn, its grapes are swiftly pressed to maintain the vibrancy of its natural coppery tinge. The result is a fresh, sapid and mineral wine with floral hints, yellow peach and lemon leaf aromas.

Sirakużan Rose

The very name of our estate symbolizes our father’s undying love for both his craft and his dearest. It’s this same love that we seek to inspire in others to keep the legacy of our local wine alive. As our forefathers once did… as Maria Rosa’s beloved once did.

Elegant notes of red fruits, pomegranate and strawberries fille the nose as subtle hints of rose recall the colour of our Sirakużan rose. All come together to make for a fresh, mineral body with a sapid and persistent finish.


Love wine as you would love your lifelong partner. This is the philosophy our father embodied and passed on to us. With roots set deeply in the soil that covers its land, Maria Rosa Wine Estate journeys back to a time where wine was treated as a craft rather than a commodity.

The violet colour of our Syrah is as intense as our passion for winemaking. A slight whiff captures hints of fresh fruit with a dominance of cherry and notes of black pepper. Its stay in barrique then makes for an enveloping, yet surprisingly lively taste of vanilla and spice with soft tannins.

Cabernet Sauvignon

What we know is a result of the people who came before us, the ones who have planted the windmill that has nourished the Maria Rosa Wine Estate for decades. While its purpose might have lost its way, the teachings it represents live on in an infinite cycle that rotates to no end, from generation to generation.

Ruby in colour with fervent purple reflections, our red Cabernet Sauvignon holds notes of redcurrant and blueberry, pepper and rosemary that alternate with hints of leather and tobacco. Fresh and enveloping on the palate, it reiterates the fruity hint with a soft and long finish.


The Maria Rosa Wine Estate is a tribute to Mr. Joseph Fenech’s wife and his lifelong dream of producing wine, following in the footsteps of his father. Established in 2006, the estate spans 4.2 hectares of agricultural land and is home to three varieties of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Sirakużan.

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