T h e T e a m


E n n i o G u g l i o t t a

Allow us to introduce to you Dott. Ennio Gugliotta, the man behind our wines. Dott. Gugliotta obtained his PhD in Viticulture at the University of Palermo where he also graduated in Agricultural Sciences. Dott. Gugliotta consulted our winery between 2007 and 2012 and helped us improve the structure of the business and our operations, whilst simultaneously consulting some other known organic grape producers in Sicily. Dott. Gugliotta did not stop his studies there, in 2010 he obtains his Master in Innovative Strategies for Wineries (SIAV) at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the University of Palermo. Last several years got him gathering experience and helping various wine producers in Italy, Malta and Turkey, where he improved their organic wine production.

Assistant Winemaker

M u s t a f a A k a n

Meet our Assistant Winemaker, Mustafa, a skilled professional with a passion for creating high-quality wines. Mustafa is an expert in all aspects of winemaking, from grape selection to fermentation and aging. With a Bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering, Mustafa brings a strong scientific background and a keen attention to detail to their role.

As our Assistant Winemaker, Mustafa is responsible for supporting our Head Winemaker in producing exceptional wines that are enjoyed by wine lovers around the world. With a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the winemaking process, Mustafa is dedicated to ensuring that our wines meet the highest standards of quality and taste.

Mustafa as a member of our winemaking team, and we know you’ll love their wines as much as we do.

Joe Walker
Estate Manager

J o e W a l k e r


My experience with wine making started when Mr. Fenech asked me to put my years of experience in hospitality management to use on managing the wine estate.

My passion is caring for the land on which our grapes are grown, and the areas around our fields; particularly the cellars where our fruit gets turned into wine; a labour of love.