V i n e y a r d

4 . 2 h e c t a r s V i n e y a r d A r e a

Maria Rosa Wine Estate focuses on producing high quality Maltese wines and keeps the annual wine production at a limit of not more than 20 thousand bottles.

Standing on 4.2 hectors of agricultural land, the estate is divided into three varieties, namely Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Sirakużan.


Our vineyards grow three varieties of grapes; Syrah, Cabernet and Sirakużan, the latter being the same grape used for the renowned Sicilian Nero D’Avola.  Clay rich soil makes a perfect ground for the Cabernet grape, while the calcium rich soil in the other part of our vineyard homes our Sirakużan grapes. 

The balance and richness of the soil allows for the wine to have the same characteristics year after year.

Site Specific Characteristics​

D i v e r s i t y o f S o i l s a n d G r a p e s


"Our style is about allowing each variety to shine."

-Ennio Gugliotta, Winemaker
A central region

T h e V a l l e y


As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us. That’s why we grow our produce organically and sustainably. Over the past decades the carbon footprint of the winery has been positive, which is something we’re really proud of.

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The location of our vineyards is in the centre of the island and therefore the distance from the sea ensures that the air is free of salt. Furthermore the low temperatures during the night help us produce high quality wines.


M i n d f u l n e s s o f t h e E n v i r o n m e n t

We grow our grapes organically and only using natural fertilisers such as copper and sulphur in minimal quantities. 

To enrich the soil, we plant vetches (commonly knows as Gulbiena in Malta). This plant draws nitrogen from the air and deposits it in the soil providing nutrients for the vines to consume in the summer months.